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Vape Pen Battery (510 thread)

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Vape Pen Battery (510 thread):

  • Compatible with all 510 thread cartridges
  • Includes USB Charger

Instructions for Vape pen battery use:

On/Off – Press button 5x

Variable Voltage – Press button 3x to adjust voltage: Green=3.4v, Blue= 3.7v, Red 4.0v

Preheat Function – Press button 2x to preheat. Press button 1x to stop preheat

Battery Level Indicator – Press button to see battery level: Green=Full, Orange=Medium, Red=Low

Turn power off when not in use.

How to charge the Vape pen battery:

Attach the battery to a USB charger, plug charger in when the battery is fully charged the indicator will change from red to green.