Is Vaping CBD Oil Dangerous - Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaping CBD

Is vaping CBD dangerous?

There is a lot of media attention around the question of whether vaping is dangerous. Well that's a broad question. Are we questioning the technology used to vape, the material being vape or the form of the material that's being vaped? Most things we ingest, foods or medicines have some advantages and some disadvantages. Let's try to put the vaping issue into context.

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling vapor. Vapor is any substance in the gaseous state (lacking substance or solidity) not in a liquid or solid state.

Lungs are made for the process of gas exchange called respiration. We often only thing of inhaling and exhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide. But the lungs are the gateway and filter for all things taken in through respiration. Incoming air (and in the case of vaping, other gaseous substance) enters the blood, and carbon dioxide, a waste gas from the metabolism, leaves the blood. Inhaling nicotine in any form is still inhaling poison! CBD Oil (and other cannabis concentrates that are vaped) are not nicotine!

Vaping Technology (form of Vape Technology you use)

There are numerous vaping devices/methods. One of the earliest is the e-cigarette. Although among non-vapers most vaping is associated with e-cigs, there are also pod vapes. Pod vapes are the newest thing on the market. Vape pens, box mod kits, high wattage box mod kits and squonk kits are also available. And then there are preloaded oil vape cartridges (cannabis and non-cannabis varieties), hash oil vape pens and disposable wax pens. You're talking about 10 possible variations here. And we haven't we talked about the material being vape or the form of that material.

Material Being Vaped

What is being vaped obviously makes a big difference. Who thinks clean water vapors are dangerous? Obviously vaping some materials will be dangerous. Some ... more so than others. But is all vaping dangerous. Let's discuss materials known to be a part of the vaping market and make you aware of items that aren't a part of the market and shouldn’t be.

Vegetable glycerin (vg) and polypropylene glycol (pg) are what are found in most commercial vape products found in smoke and vape shops and in preloaded cartridges.

It’s possible to vape vegetable oil, but it’s not as pure as vegetable glycerin. Vegetable oils (corn, canola, soybean, etc.) has lipids that might cause lipid pneumonia. It is never recommended to try vaping anything or adding anything to your vape that is not specifically designed to be used as such.

Glycerin is technically an alcohol, but that’s not what you’re thinking of when asking this question. You’re talking about liquor basically. Although alcohol can be vaped, it’s a terrible idea to do it through an e-cig, which will heat the alcohol to combustible temperatures. It will turn your vape pen into a flame thrower, and you will not have a good time.

Corn syrup is sometimes added to e-juice (as can honey, agave, and other viscous sweeteners), and it’s a terrible idea. Though like vegetable glycerin in many ways, corn syrup’s sugar content is as prone to ignite while vaping as alcohol. It is not recommended to vape corn syrup. You should also fear any sweetened e-juice flavors, and they’re not going to be found healthy in the long run.

Tinctures are just CBD or THC dissolved in alcohol, so they should be vapable right? Tinctures are made with flavorings, oils, sugars, etc. They may catch fire if you try to vape them. Your vape pen could become a flame thrower as you suck the vapors from your vape pen to the back of your throat.

Most of the cannabis industry has already brought in experts and scientists from the oil industry to work on the viscosity of cannabis concentrates. Using the right extraction method, the concentrates can be made into various consistencies so as to be able to be vaped in any standard vape pen without diluting in any glycerin or oil. This is done using the plants natural terpenes, which are easily found on the consumer market. Many of these terpenes are also found in other plants.

There are a ton of great options for vape pens that can vape herbal matter. And other vape devices make very discrete ways to vape any type of herbal matter.

Form of the Material Being Vaped

E-liquids, dry herb, extracts and … of course … the ever-dangerous nicotine are some of the typical materials being vaped … not including additives that are not advised. VG and e-juice vape pens are just the entry into vaping. Vape pens have gotten much more sophisticated over the past few years that, with the right pen, you can vape anything without the need of oils. Looks like concentrates might be the safest vaping choice … for now. 

Likely Cause of Recent Spate of Vaping Deaths

The most likely cause of the deaths attributed to vaping are from chemical contaminants and not necessarily from the vaping, itself. E vitamin Oil seems to be the culprit at fault for the recent spate of vaping deaths. And not enough research has been done to confirm that vaping is the problem. It seems that maybe the lungs are made for vaping, as, one of the primary functions of the lungs, is the external respiration exchanges of gases between the lungs and the bloodstream.

According to an article in The Washington Post, by Lena H. Sun, dated September 6, 2019, "... federal and state officials said the definitive cause of the illness remains unknown ....

According to the CDC, no consistent e-cigarette products have been linked to the disorder. And, no specific device or substance has been connected to all the cases. The FDA is examining samples gathered from patients who have fallen ill and is testing them for a broad range of chemicals, including nicotine, THC and “cutting agents” to dilute solutions and other substances.

Vaping, like smoking, can have dangers. But certain types of vaping, like vaping pure concentrates and herbal matter in controlled doses under controlled temperatures can have a lot of benefits for both medicinal and recreational users. Vaping CBD, THC, and other active ingredients may even be safer than some of the sugary syrups and chemical-laced pills we’re given in hospitals.

Just please understand that vaping has a risk and a reward and try to stay safe.

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